17th World Congress of Jewish Studies. Proposals for Lectures, round tables and special event

Termin: 30.11.2016
Miejsce: Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Organizator: Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Witryna internetowa: www.jewish-studies.org
Kontakt: jewishst@vms.huji.ac.il

Call for Papers:
Proposals for Lectures, round tables and special events
for the 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies

We are happy to announce that the Seventeenth World Congress of Jewish Studies will take place at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, August 6–10, 2017.

The Congress will mark 70 years since the First World Congress of Jewish Studies. Scholars from all fields of Jewish Studies are invited to submit proposals for topical sessions or individual papers to be presented at the Congress.

We particularly encourage proposals for complete sessions.

A. The Congress program has six divisions: The Bible and Its World, History of the Jewish People, Rabbinic Literature, Jewish Law and Jewish Thought, Languages, Literatures, and the Arts, Contemporary Jewish Society, Research Projects and Technology.

B. Proposals for Sessions and Lectures: Scholars who wish to propose either a complete session (four lectures or three lectures and a response, organized around a particular topic), or an individual lecture, are requested to submit their abstracts via the website of the World Union of Jewish Studies www.jewish-studies.org.
** Proposals must be submitted electronically via the website by November 30, 2016.

C. Round Tables and Special Events: Proposals for round tables and special events may be submitted by email jewishst@vms.huji.ac.il. Such proposals will be considered by the Executive Committee of the World Union of Jewish Studies.
** Proposals must be submitted via email by November 15, 2016.

D. Sponsorship: Research Centers and Institutes are invited to sponsor sessions in their areas of interest.

E. Participation in the Congress is contingent upon payment of WUJS membership dues for 2017 as well as Congress participation fees. A participant may present only one lecture during the course of the Congress. Only Ph.D. holders and doctoral students may submit proposals; exceptions may considered by the Executive Committee. The Academic Committees of the Congress divisions are responsible for accepting or rejecting proposed lectures and sessions.

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